The X-Plane 11 handbook

The X-Plane 11 handbook

Setting up X-Plane 11?


“Flying Low: The X-Plane 11 handbook” is what you need to get started.

  • Hardware requirements (the unblemished truth),
  • How to install X-Plane 11 properly and set up a system to maintain the flight simulator.
  • How scenery works and how to make X-Plane 11 look great.
  • Tips, Ideas and Problem solutions
  • The book is also a reference and glossary of X-Plane and the aviation terms used in flight simulation.

“Flying Low: The X-Plane 11 Handbook” contains hundreds and hundreds of internet links to help you find the information you need.

Scenery Comparison
What does it cost?     $14
(That includes free updates)
Get the X-Plane 11 Handbook PDF book here. 

What will this booklet do for you?
X-Plane is a hugely complex simulator with many many related sites, add-on suppliers and a massive amount of “How-To” information strewn about the whole internet. This e-book attempts to gather a significant amount of information together to be a useful supplement to the official Laminar manual as well as all the many valuable forums. Some of the information here is unique and is a result of me trying to make sense of this incredible program. However, much of this book’s content is simply information which I have gathered from hundreds of web sites. To avoid any possible copyright infringements, and to make the booklet small and manageable, I have included links to hundreds of articles and websites that have helped me. Very little of the written content in this book is entirely original (we all learn from each other). I have, however, re-written many of the concepts in a way which I feel makes it easier to understand.

What does the handbook cost?     $14
(That includes free updates)
Get the X-Plane 11 Handbook PDF book here. 
Problem-solving tips

Does my handbook replace the X-Plane 11 manual?
DEFINITELY NOT! The official X-Plane manual is vast and very comprehensive. It is a wonderful source of reference and it is continually being updated. My handbook is meant to supplement the official manual from Laminar Research and certainly not to replace it. Please read as much of the official manual as you can. It is packed full of important information necessary to “drive” X-Plane effectively. This handbook is merely a compilation of links, suggestions, ideas and explanations all in one place to make matters more manageable for you to get to grips with X-Plane 11. The comments may be in my own words, but very few of the concepts are truly original. I need to emphasize that this booklet is primarily a collection of links to information that I have found to be useful. It is certainly not complete or comprehensive – but I sincerely hope it will be helpful. 

Keyboard Shortcut Reference

“Google is your Friend”

True…But the problem is that you have to know what to ask!

That’s what this book is all about.

Recommended Plugins

Why is this booklet in landscape (horizontal) format?
It is designed to be read on a standard PC monitor. Also, there are screenshots which need to be looked at carefully and compared to other pictures. Landscape format gives me the largest page area (Unless you prefer to tilt your head!).

Get the X-Plane 11 Handbook PDF book here.