X-Plane 12 E-Book Summary

This handbook covers hardware and the correct setup of X-Pane 12 on Windows 11. It is an e-book designed to be used in conjunction with the X-Plane 12 official manual.
This is Book 1 of three handbooks on setting up X-Plane 12.

This E-Book is all about Scenery in X-Plane 12. It covers installation and libraries and has double-spread slideshow comparisons between the X-Plane default scenery and a corresponding payware or freeware scenery.

This third e-book in the series covers plug-in installation and discusses the best freeware and payware plugins available for X-Plane 12.

This book concentrates on the practical use of X-Plane. (Setting-up information is in my other books, listed above.)
The idea is first to use the introductory tutorial flights included in X-Plane 12 to deal with questions that a newcomer to X-Plane would have. The whole approach is to follow along step-by-step to gain a basic feel for what is happening and then develop that feel into a skill.
Once we have gone through the fundamental “mission-type” tutorials (produced by Laminar Research) and dealt with many likely questions, we begin an actual flight in full detail. (187 pages of detail for a two-hour flight!). Apart from being realistic, the practicality of the flight will use the problems we are likely to encounter to introduce X-Plane features.

You cannot really fly an airliner “seat of the pants” style. The whole point of airliner flying is a structured approach.
Most people have a problem when looking at these huge, complicated machines: “Where to start”. Just ramming the throttles forward in an “engines running” state won’t get you far. This e-book is designed to get you started.
The first section is a heavily illustrated step-by-step tutorial using the default Boeing 737-800 that comes with X-Plane (you can use this part with the demo version of X-Plane 12). The second section is a more detailed, heavily illustrated step-by-step tutorial using the freeware ZIBO mod Boeing 737-800.

This book introduces you to how you would go about flying the default Airbus A330-300,  which is supplied as one of the aircraft included in X-Plane 12.
This e-book consists of two parts. The first part is a simple flight to let you get the feel of what it’s like to fly this big bird. The simple flight gives you a feeling for what is involved and a sense of satisfaction that it’s not quite as difficult as it may appear. This first flight will be dangerously simplified, without using ATC, but still complex enough to give you a feel for what it’s like to fly an airliner. The emphasis will be on programming the MCDU.
In the book’s second part, we’ll dive in more deeply and execute a complete flight from one airport to another, starting from a cold and dark situation and ending with a controlled descent and a CAT III ILS landing.

If you are handy at woodwork, the ultimate flight simulator is a full-1:1 size enclosed cockpit. This huge book contains mainly the technical dimensions for each and every woodwork piece needed to build the cockpit shell of a Cessna 172.
It does not cover the computer systems that you put into it – instead, it covers the physical construction of a wooden shell to house your computer equipment. With all the plans provided in this book, you will be able to easily build this magnificent housing and thereby get the ultimate static home-simulation experience.