Expert X-Plane Advice

“I just want to fly!”

“X-Plane must just work!”

“I don’t have the time to study all this.”

“I don’t have the knowledge to buy the right hardware or to know what to upgrade.”

“I don’t know how to set up Windows and X-Plane optimally for flying.”

My Solution:
Hire me to tell you exactly what to do.

  • I’ll ask you a whole lot of questions
  • I’ll work out a system and give you a shopping list (with links) tailored to your budget
  • I’ll give you step-by-step instructions precisely what to do

How does it work?

You first fill out the form below to make contact with me.
We talk about your needs and whether I can help you.
You tell me all about the equipment that you have.
You buy a few hours of my time. (initially, a small amount to first see how it goes).
We begin a back-and-forth interaction.
I will not access your machine remotely, instead, I’ll tell you exactly what to do.
You get a fully functional X-Plane system – quickly and efficiently.

What does it Cost?

These are my rates:

•       My normal rate is USD $50 per single hour,

•       USD $180 for a 4 Hour voucher,

•       USD $400 for 10 Hours,

•       and USD$700 for 20 Hours.

Best is to use PayPal – my PayPal account for deposits is

First step:

Tell me how I can help by filling out this form and we’ll start an email conversation:

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