X-Plane 12 Handbook – Book 3: Add-ons and plug-ins

The PDF book contains the following:

  • 5x payware add-on operation slide-shows.
  • 3x freeware add-on operation slideshows.
  • 10x payware add-ons discussed and highlighted
  • 14x freeware add-ons discussed and highlighted
  • Links to each add-on and links to associated videos and reviews.
  • A discussion about add-ons and plugins
    And all sorts of little goodies.
    A total of 102 pages (50 double-spreads).
    The download file contains three identical PDFs: a 96ppi version for low power machines, a 300 ppi version for high quality graphics enabling zooming in, and an in-between 144ppi version.

If you are an avid X-Plane 12 user and interested in learning about compatible add-ons, then this book is a must-read. It is filled with valuable information that you will find useful. However, please note that this book does not cover any details about aircraft add-ons. The focus of this book is specifically on add-ons and plug-ins for X-Plane 12. I have dedicated most of the pages to provide you with a selection of add-ons that work well with X-Plane 12. Many add-ons claim to be compatible with X-Plane 12, but unfortunately, they do not always work as expected. Therefore, I have only included add-ons that I am satisfied with. As X-Plane 12 continues to develop, more plug-ins that should work will become available, and I will try to include them in future updates of this book. Please note that this book is not a finished product. Since new third-party add-ons and plug-ins are being published regularly, I will update the book every few months with new packages as they become available. Once you purchase the book, you will receive all future updates for free. Simply re-download the book from your store account when I publish an update.

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